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Melasma treatment

Melasma treatment

melasma and pigmentation

Melasma treatment:
Sunscreen cream:
 If you are exposed to the sun, be sure to apply a sunscreen
 containing iron oxides and SPF 30-50 every two hours, as 
well as a wide-brimmed hat. These steps may prevent melas
ma from worsening.

Azelaic acid:
This cream, lotion or gel is applied twice a day. Safe to use
pregnant women.
A small study in 50 people found cystamine cream to be 
more effective than other treatments.
Hydrocortisone (topical corticosteroid):
 Hydrocortisone helps fade discoloration caused by 
melasma, it can also reduce the possibility of dermatitis 
that may be caused by other factors.
 Methimazole, an antithyroid cream or oral tablet, is known 
to help treat melasma that is resistant to hydroquinone.
Soybean extract:
 Soybean extract is believed to reduce color transfer from
 melanocytes to skin cells.
Topical alpha hydroxy acid:
 To exfoliate skin pigments, this cream or chemical peel 
removes superficial skin.
melasma pigmentation
tranexamic acid:
 It is a cream, injection, or medicine that is taken orally.
 It is effective, but can cause skin inflammation and should 
not be used during pregnancy. The combination of 
hydroquinone, tretinoin, and a mild topical steroid had the 
best effect on melasma.
Vitamin D:
causes of melasma
 Vitamin D helps keep your skin healthy in general. Your 
doctor may test your vitamin D levels to make sure you're
 getting enough from vitamin D-rich foods like meats,
 grains, oily fish, and eggs. You can also take a vitamin
 D supplement.
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Pigmentation treatment:
Pigmentation treatment with lightening creams:


Lightening creams are over-the-counter treatments that 
work with select ingredients to help reduce pigmentation.
Many of these creams are available in stronger prescription 
forms, usually applied once or twice daily to help lighten
 skin over time. Topical skin-lightening treatments also 
come in gel form.
Common ingredients found in over-the-counter lightening
 products include:
Vitamin B3 Niacinamide.
Treatment of pigmentation with facial acids
Facial or dermal acids work by exfoliating, or sloughing,
 the top layer of your skin.
As you exfoliate your skin, new skin cells appear to replace
 the old ones. This process helps even out your skin tone 
and makes it smoother overall.
Retinoids are one of the oldest over-the-counter skin care 
ingredients and are derived from Vitamin A.
Their small molecular structure allows them to penetrate
 deep into the skin and treat the layers beneath your skin. 
Retinoids can come in either a prescription or OTC form.
 If you haven't seen any results after two months, talk to 
your dermatologist about a prescription retinoid-tretinoin.
Pigmentation treatment with chemical peeling:
bladder cancer
Chemical peels use acids in stronger concentrations to
 treat the desired area of ​​skin. They reduce the appearance
 of hyperpigmentation by removing the epidermis. They 
may also penetrate the middle layer of your skin to produce
 greater results.
Although many types of chemical peels are available over 
the counter, you can consider getting a professional peel at 
a dermatologist's office, as they produce faster results due 
to their strength.
In-office peels may increase your risk of side effects, so
 talk to your dermatologist about the risks and side effects.
Chemical peels cause your skin to become more sensitive
 to sunlight if you don't use enough sunscreen and sun
Other than UV rays, the sun may exacerbate your
pancreatic cancer
Laser peeling pigmentation treatment:
Laser resurfacing uses targeted beams of light to reduce 
Ablative lasers are the most intense, and they involve
 removing layers of your skin. Non-ablative procedures, 
on the other hand, target the dermis to promote collagen 
growth and tightening effects. Ablative lasers are more 
powerful, but they may cause more side effects.
Pigmentation treatment with microdermabrasion:
Microdermabrasion is an in-office method used to treat 
hyperpigmentation that affects only the skin.
During the procedure, the dermatologist will use a handheld
 tool that looks like a drill with a wire brush or other
 abrasive tool. The tool is then passed
Through your skin quickly and gently, you may need 
multiple sessions to achieve the perfect result.
Sanding pigmentation treatment:
Dermabrasion also involves removing layers of 
pigmentation, but its effects continue to reach part of the 
While dermabrasion is sometimes used to smooth out 
wrinkles, the procedure has historically been used to 
acne scars
Chickenpox scars.
Injury scars.
sun damage
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