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High Schooler On The Way: Preparing Your Child For High School





High Schooler On The Way: Preparing Your Child For High School


Middle school :

was lots of fun but now it is time to become a high schooler.  Is your student ready for the challenges that come with being a part of high school?  It could be more overwhelming for you then it is for them.  As with most situations, the goal is to determine the best way to prepare your child for the next step in their education. Just as they moved from elementary school into middle school, moving from middle school to high school will often provide them with a number of unique challenges.


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High Schooler On The Way: Preparing Your Child For High School

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What's Different

When it different in high school?  During middle school, children are going through an awkward stage.  They feel weird as they work through hormonal changes.  They likely went through more than one embarrassing moment.  High school may be more of the same but what you may also notice is that your teens have gotten to be more stable and levelheaded.  While many tweens will struggle with change, many high schoolers are adjusting well to their social surroundings and may even be working towards their goals of a solid, well-developed adult.


So, what should you expect from them, here are some things you may see:


·       More independent; most high schoolers will not ask for your help nearly as often.  To prepare your teen for this, make sure they know you are there when you need them but that you respect their ability to make decisions.

·       More risky and willing to take a challenge; teens are often pressuring each other to do things, and for this you need to be prepared.  Before high school starts, remind your child about being safe and peer pressure, reassure them that you are counting on them to make good decisions

·       They will be more distant; as they come into their own, they will be highly less likely to want you to pick them up from school or to help them with homework.  Be positive about this, seeing it as a time for development.


There will be many changes as a high schooler, but the average high schooler is able to adjust more readily than they used to.

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Setting Goals, Answering Needs


Preparing your high schooler may not require a lot of work on your part, just some good talks about expectations and rules.  Yet, in the coming years they will be going through many things that you need to be there for, in case they do need you.  For most parents, this means helping your child to set goals for school and beyond and to be paying attention to them so that you can help them make good decisions and catch them when they don't.


For example, colleges begin to look at your child's transcripts starting as early as 9th grade.  This means that they need to start thinking about their futures now.  What do they want to do and where do they want to be?  You do not need hard answers here, but they need to realize that scholarships and school choices will become dependent on their ability to do well during the next few years.  Not only do grades count but also extra activities they become involved with.  As a high schooler, they need to think of these things more often.


In addition to setting goals for your high schooler, you also need to be able to notice them.  They may be coming and going faster than you can stop them, but do notice signs of change in them.  If you feel that your high schooler is not well, talk to them about it.  Learn what the signs of drug, alcohol and cigarette use are and react when you are worried that your teen may be exposed.  By playing an active role in your child's health and well-being, you safeguard them from potential problems.


Preparing your child for high school is a challenge. You will need to start seeing them as a young adult rather than your baby.  You may have to give them more freedom and your demands of them may continue to grow.  Yet, the goal of high school is to prepare your child for the real world, a world where you will not be there to hold their hand.


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