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What is forbidden food for infants?

List of unsafe foods for infants
What vegetables does the infant eat?




The known natural food for the infant is breast milk because it contains all the nutrients that the infant needs, but there are many mothers who want to feed their child food during the lactation period, so you must know that there are types that should not be given to the infant in 

any case.


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Foods that a child is forbidden to eat

What does the baby eat for the first time?


Should I feed my child at the beginning or end of the sixth month?






cows milk


 If your child is not breast-fed, then there are many mothers who resort to giving the child formula milk in 

the first year, and the child should not be given cow's 

milk because it is very difficult for him to digest that milk because it contains many heavy metals on the child's stomach, which may It harms the kidney during its 

growth period and this appears in the long term.


There are also children who are allergic to milk protein,

 which may cause them to have diarrhea, gastroenteritis,

 etc., but it is not dangerous to feed your child foods that contain cow's milk products such as baked goods and others.


the honey:


Honey is one of the foods that should not be given to a child before the first year because it contains Clostridium

 bacteria that may cause poisoning in the infant.


The symptoms that indicate the presence of poisoning 

that occurred to the infant are constipation, sudden random movements, and difficulty in sucking breast milk. In these cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately, because the child may have been infected with honey poisoning.


Honey This type of poisoning does not happen to those who have completed the first year of age or to adults, because the digestive system of adults is able to fight this type of poison.


Municipal ghee for infants


Forbidden fruits for infants

Sources of caffeine:


Children should be completely kept away from any 

sources that contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and any sources that contain caffeine.


Seeds and nuts


 The child should not eat any kind of nuts or any seeds,

 as this may cause him to choke, and nuts contain a high percentage of salts that may lead to allergic reactions in the child.


When does the child eat the family food?

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There are some types of fish that contain a high percentage of mercury, such as tuna, mackerel, and others. Therefore, the infant should not eat this type of fish. As for shellfish, it should not be eaten by the child before he reaches three years.



Forbidden food for a child before a year



the salt


 The percentage of salt that your child eats per day should not exceed one gram of salt, because the child’s stomach cannot bear much sodium, and it is advised that he suffice with the percentage of salt that he supplies through mother’s milk.


And every mother should know that prepared and processed foods contain a high percentage of salt, which is

 very harmful to the health of your child.


The child ate before the year


?What does the child eat after the first year


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 Sugar may cause a child's milk teeth to decay quickly and at the same time reduce the work of the immune system in the body, so you should avoid giving your child too much sugar.


When does a child eat legumes?


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Egg whites :


Egg whites are sticky foods that may cause the child to choke, so the mother must completely avoid eating egg whites before the child is one year old.


For raw or hard fruits and vegetables


It is necessary to refrain from eating young vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, and others for the child before his first year, because the child does not know chewing during that period, and he may swallow those vegetables as they are, causing him to choke, so vegetables and fruits must

 be cut well before giving them to the child.


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