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What happens to a man when he reaches forty


may interest you Follow what happens to a man when he reaches forty

Problems of the age of forty in men



may interest you Depression and the male hormone

midlife crisis, they say:
“Late adolescence,” and now you say:
 “My head may be gray, but my heart will remain young.”
When you reach the age of forty, you stop to consider the many changes that are too big to ignore.
On a psychological or physical level,
 or your financial stability, the world revolves around you,
 and now it is time to take a truce for follow-up and review.
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A journey on the problems of the age of forty in men.
We talk about the 
physical and psychological changes that accompany it, and 
how you can keep up with those changes, to enjoy stability,
 health, and a more peaceful life, so keep reading!
By your forty, you will likely have fulfilled many of your
 dreams and hopes. Perhaps you are now standing on the
 balcony of your luxurious office sipping a cup of coffee
Or maybe you were sitting 
among your teenage children, not knowing how or when.


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 And perhaps some protrusions appear in your stomach - sir - with your regularity on the same diet.


Or half of the hair on your head may fly, and the other half turns from dark black to gray, without taking your mind whether you like this color or not!


Have you thought about the reason for these changes? Is there anything you can do to stop it? Let's take it up with something.

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What are the hormones of a man in his forties?


Symptoms of the age of forty in men:


Symptoms of the age of forty in men are divided into: physical changes, and psychological symptoms.

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 Physical changes:


Less muscle mass

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With age, you lose part of your muscle strength, which is affected by several factors, including:


Decreased level of growth hormones.


Lack of movement as a result of the lifestyle, which - perhaps - has become more stable.


Lack of protein intake can make it worse if you are not interested in eating a healthy diet


Of course, the decrease in muscle mass will affect your physical health, your feeling of age, your ability to move, and to do great physical effort. But the good news is that you can delay this process by making sure to follow a healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise, and following an integrated diet that is suitable for you

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Fat accumulation in your body:


If we imagine that there is a store of fat in your body, we can call it white adipose tissue, and in it the fat is stored so that you can use it when needed.

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Then comes the brown adipose tissue; Which burns these fats and converts them into energy and heat, providing you with the energy needed to do any effort.


In addition to controlling your body temperature, and self-warming if you get cold.

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Therefore, one of the problems of the age of forty in men is that the activity of these adipose tissues decreases, so the burning of fat decreases, which explains the increase in fat in your body, and it may be the beginning of your exposure to obesity.


Therefore, these tissues can be reactivated by cryotherapy; It is one of the fat breaking techniques used to get rid of excess weight


Low testosterone level:


Your testosterone level gradually decreases by about 1% each year as you reach your 30s, but it's not necessarily significant.

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But sometimes you may develop some symptoms as a result of its deficiency, including:


Anxiety and depression.


Your muscle mass decreases.


Increase your body fat.


Your sexual desire is affected.


And other symptoms affecting your physical and psychological health

Of course, you can take some steps to control this; By exercising, reducing stress, and quitting bad habits, you can overcome these symptoms

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Does a man's desire decrease after the age of forty?

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Sexual performance is affected:


Sexual performance may be affected as one of the problems of the age of forty in men; As a result of a lack of testosterone. Erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire are among the things that can happen at this age.




Fertility is also affected with age, and the matter appears clearly after the age of forty-five; The concentration, movement and quality of sperm decreases, which affects the chances of procreation

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This can be improved by:


Dietary supplements containing vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc.


Do regular exercise.

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The need to reduce psychological stress.


These steps aim to increase the level of testosterone, which will improve your sexual performance


lower immunity


As you age, your immune system functions weaker, you become more susceptible to the diseases of old age, and your rate of recovery from diseases becomes slower than before.


Stress, especially prolonged periods, ages your immune system, so you can slow this process by reducing your stress.


This is in addition to the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, and compensating for the lack of important vitamins and minerals, in order to enjoy stronger immunity

Psychological symptoms:


Aging is not just about physical changes; One of the problems of the age of forty for men is that it brings some psychological changes that affect your health and outlook on life, including:

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You may feel bored with your work, your friends and relationships, your family and romantic relationship with your partner, or even your accomplishments.


After work has taken your time over the past years, you may reach a stage where you stand bewildered, wondering about the feasibility of all this, or asking yourself if you are happy or not.


It is boredom - sir reader - the friend of the forty-year-old crisis in men, which may make you take unbalanced decisions as an attempt to change

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You may resort to sleeping a lot, or suffer from insomnia, and some of your eating disorders may appear, in addition to the disturbance of your intimate relationship with your wife,


And other symptoms of depression. Here, you need to keep track of those changes; You may need medical help to overcome this depression


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