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All countries of the world and their capitals



All countries of the world and their capitals

What are the capital of 193 countries?

The total number of countries in the world is


195 States, of which 193 are States Members of the United Nations, as well as both the State of Palestine and the Vatican State, each of which is an observer State، While Taiwan is considered to belong to the People's Republic of China by the United Nations, these countries are divided into 54 countries in Africa and 48 countries in Asia، 44 Countries on the continent of Europe, 33 in the Caribbean and Latin America, 14 in Oceania, two in North America, and a resource worthy of mention that I am the Islamic countries of the world

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Distributed between the continents of Asia and North Africa،

 The following table shows all the countries of the world and their capitals, and the continent where each country is located

What is the capital of 195 countries?


Ranking country capital continent


 1 Japan tokyo asia

2 Russia moscow asia

3 South Korea Seoul Asia

4 Mexico Mexico Mexico City North America

 5 Indonesia jakarta asia

6 Peru lima

7 China beijing asia

 8 Egypt cairo africa

 9 Iran tehran asia

 10 United Kingdom London Europe

 11 Colombia Bogota South America

 12 Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia

 13 Thailand bangkok asia

 14 Bangladesh dhaka asia

15 Iraq baghdad asia

16 Saudi arabia riyadh asia

17 Chile Santiago South America

 18 Singapore singapore asia

 19 Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa Africa

20 Ankara Turkey Asia, Africa

 21 South Africa Cape Town Legislature, Pretoria Official Africa

 22 Germany berlin europe

23 Vietnam hanoi asia

24 Spain madrid europe

25 North Korea Pyongyang Asia

 26 Afghanistan kabul asia

 27 Argentina Buenos Aires South America

28 Ethiopia Addis Ababa Africa

 29 Kenya nairobi africa

30 Taiwan taipei asia

31 Brazil Brasilia South America

32 Ukraine kiev europe

33 Italy rome europe

34 Angola luanda africa

35 Syria damascus asia

 36 Cuba Havana North America

37 Uzbekistan tashkent asia

38 France paris europe

39 Azerbaijan baku europe

40 Romania bucharest europe

 41 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo North America

42 Venezuela Caracas South America

43 Morocco rabat africa

44 Sudan khartoum africa

44 South Sudan Juba Africa

45 Hungary budapest europe

46 Poland warsaw europe

47 Belarus Minsk Europe

48 Ghana accra africa

 49 Cameroon yaounde africa

50 Madagascar antananarivo africa

51 Lebanon beirut asia

52 Philippines manila asia

53 Austria vienna europe

54 Algeria algeria africa

55 Ecuador Quito South America

 56 Zimbabwe harare africa

57 Yemen sana asia

 58 Guinea conakry africa

59 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Asia

 60 Uruguay Montevideo South America

 61 Zambia lusaka africa

62 Mali bamako africa

63 Uganda kampala africa

 64 Haiti Port-au-Prince North America

 65 Jordan amman asia

66 Libya tripoli africa

67 Kuwait kuwait asia

 68 Czech prague europe

69 Serbia belgrade europe

 70 Somalia mogadishu africa

71 Bulgaria sofia europe

72 Republic of Congo Brazzaville Africa

 73 Belgium Brussels, Europe

74 Armina yerevan asia

 75 Mozambique maputo africa

76 Georgia Tbilisi Asia and Europe

 77 Senegal dakar africa

78 Burkina Faso and Africa's Ouagadougou

79 Ireland dublin europe

80 Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala North America

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81 Myanmar naibidao asia

82 Kyrgyzstan bishkek asia

 83 Togo lome africa

84 Panama Panama Panama North America

85 Bolivia La Paz South America

86 Nepal as the States of Asia

 87 Sultanate of Oman Muscat Asia

 88 Niger niamey africa

89 Nigeria abuja africa

90 Sweden stockholm europe

91 Tunisia tunisia africa

92 Turkmenistan Ashgabat Asia

 93 Chad engemina africa

94 Palestine Al-Quds Al-Sharif Asia

95 Netherlands amsterdam europe

96 Central African Republic Bangui Africa

97 Canada Ottawa North America

 98 Greece athens europe

99 Mauritania nouakchott africa

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100 Rwanda kigali africa

 101 Latvia riga europe

102 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingston North America

 103 Kazakhstan Astata Asia and Europe

104 Croatia zagreb europe

 105 Cambodia Phnom Penh Asia

106 Moldavia kishinau europe

107 USA Washington DC North America

108 Emirates Abu Dhabi Asia

109 Tajikistan dushanbe asia

110 Finland helsinki europe

111 Lithuania vilnius europe

112 Gabon libreville africa

 113 Eritrea asmara africa

 114 Norway oslo europe

 115 Portugal to Lisbon Europe

 116 El Salvador San Salvador North America

117 Paraguay Asuncion South America

 118 Macau macau asia

 119 Nauru yaren oceania

120 Macedonia scopje europe

121 Denmark copenhagen europe

 122 Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro Africa

123 Guinea-Bissau Africa

 124 Slovakia bratislava europe

125 Estonia Tallinn europe

126 Burundi gitiga africa

127 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Europe

128 New Zealand Wellington Oceania

 129 Albania tirana europe

130 Australia canberra oceania

131 Costa Rica San Jose North America

132 Qatar doha asia

133 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Africa

 134 Tanzania dodoma africa

 135 India New Delhi Asia

136 Laos vientiane asia

137 Cyprus nicosia europe

138 Lesotho maseru africa

139 Slovenia lublana europe

140 Suriname Paramaribo South America

141 Namibia windhoek africa

142 Botswana gaborone africa

143 Benin portunovo africa

 144 Bolivia Sucre South America

145 Mauritius borlweiss africa

 146 Montenegro podgorica europe

147 Bahrain manama asia

148 Guyana Georgetown South America

 149 Cape Verde Africa Praia

 150 Switzerland bern europe

151 Iceland regeavik europe

 152 Maldives Malle Asia

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 153 Bhutan temvo asia

154 Equatorial Guinea Malabo Africa

155 Fiji suva oceania

 156 Swaziland mbabane africa

 157 Luxembourg luxembourg europe

158 Comoros Moroni Africa

 159 East Timor Dilli Asia

160 Saint Lucia Castries North America

 161 Sao Tome and Principe Africa

162 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain South America

 163 Samoa apia oceania

 164 Vanuatu Port Vila Oceania

 165 Monaco monaco europe

 166 Seychelles victoria africa

167 Brunei Bandar Sri in Cowan Asia

168 Andorra La Vila Europe

 169 Antigua and Barbuda St. Johns North America

170 Tonga Nuku Alova Oceania

171 Saint Kitts and Nevis Pasteur North America

172 Belize Belmopan North America

173 Grenada St. George North America

 174 Malta valletta europe

175 San Marino San Marino Europe

 176 Tuvalu fonavuti oceania

177 Vatican vatican europe

 178 Pakistan islamabad asia

179 Mauritius Port Louis Africa

180 Malawi lilongwe africa

181 Liberia monrovia africa

182 Kosovo prishtina europe

183 Republic of Kiribati Tarawa Atoll Oceania

184 Bahamas Nassau North America

185 Barbados Bridge Town North America

186 Djibouti djibouti africa

 187 Dominica Russia and North America

188 Gambia Banjul Africa

189 Honduras Tegucigala North America

 190 Marshall Islands Majuro Oceania

 191 Federated States of Micronesia Palikir Oceania

 192 Mongolia Ulan Bator Asia

193 Nicaragua Managua North America

194 Palau milwick oceania

195 Sri Lanka Colombo Asia

 196 Sierra Leone Freetown Africa is one of the most important capitals of the world; London, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Washington, D.C., and Berlin.

How many countries are in the world and their capital?

How many countries are in A to Z?


The oldest capital in the world is


 Athens, Beirut, Jerusalem, Ankara, Lisbon, Damascus.


Countries and capitals

Capitals of the world

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 The world's largest countries by area

 Russia is the largest country in the world with a total area of 17,125,000 square kilometers, which is equivalent to twice the area of the next country of Canada in terms of area، According to 2018 statistics, it has a population of about 144,825,000 people, and this country is located in the eastern parts of Europe and the northern parts of Asia.

List of asian countries and capitals

All Capital world

List of capitals Russia shares a land border with fourteen countries


Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Mongolia, China, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the land area is 16,377,742 square kilometers، 720,500 square kilometers of water, the country's capital is Moscow, which is also its political center.


List of countries

List of currency in the world


Canada is the largest country in the western hemisphere


It is the second largest country in the world, with a land area of about 16,377,742 square kilometers, while the water area is 720,500 square kilometers, with a total land area of 9,984,670 square kilometers، It is followed by the United States with a total area of 9,525,067 square kilometers.

All capital




 The smallest country in the world, the Vatican is the smallest country in the world with an area of 0.44 square kilometers, with a population of only 1,000 people, according to the statistics of 2017، It is a small country within the city limits of Rome, the capital of Italy in Europe, and has a land border of only 3.4 kilometers. The Vatican City State is located on the Vatican Plateau on the right bank of the Tiber River, where Italian, Latin, French and other languages prevail, while the official religion of the country is Roman Catholic، Italians and Swiss make up the races.

 The world's largest countries by population

 China is the world's largest country by population according to the latest UN statistics, which make up 18.41% of the world's population, and China's population is urban living in cities، Their average age is 37.3 years،

 The following countries show the five largest countries in the world in terms of population

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Ranking State Population by 2019 Statistics (Neck) Population density (Neck per square kilometer)


1 China 1,420,062,022 151

 2 India 1,368,737,513 460

3 United States 329,093,110 36

 4 Indonesia 269,536,482 149

 5 Brazil 212,392,717 25

With 195 countries in the world spread between 7 continents, Russia is ranked as the largest among the countries in the world by area, while the Vatican is the smallest country in the world، The most populous nation is 

China, which has a population of about 1,420,062,022.

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