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What is emotional intelligence


What is emotional intelligence



What is the definition of emotional intelligence?


What is emotional intelligence

The term emotional intelligence

Means the ability of a person to identify, manage and control his or her own personal feelings and those of others،

What are the 5 components of emotional intelligence?

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 It typically includes three core skills:

 Emotional awareness, which means the ability of a person to identify and name his or her own personal feelings and those of others, and the ability to exploit these feelings and teach others how to employ them in intellectual tasks such as؛

Problem-solving or thinking, and the ability to control emotions; which includes both improving personal feelings when needed, and making others happy or calm.

What is emotional intelligence and why is it important?

What are the 4 types of emotional intelligence?


 What is the importance of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is not only about people who communicate with others frequently, because its importance and effects extend beyond the social aspect of human life to all aspects of life، The following is an illustration of the importance of emotional intelligence in life

 Improve physical health by increasing a person's ability to care for themselves and control their stress rates, which have a huge public health impact. Improving mental health Emotional intelligence influences a person's perspective on life, helping them to relieve stress and avoid depression and mood swings. Strengthening relationships by understanding emotions and being able to control them, enables a person to communicate emotionally in a constructive way, and enables them to understand and connect with others. Resolving differences A person is able to resolve differences and avoid them when they are able to discern and empathize with the feelings of others, and they are able to debate better because of their ability to understand the needs and desires of others.

 Success helps emotional intelligence to adopt stronger internal incentives, which limit procrastination to reach a goal, increase self-confidence, and improve the ability to focus on an end.

The positive impact on leadership makes emotional intelligence a better leader, because of its ability to motivate others and build stronger bonds with them.


Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence skills

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Signs of emotional intelligence

There's a range of signs that some people have high emotional intelligence،

The following are the most notable:


 Humility is a hallmark of people with high emotional intelligence, who are able to deal with others away from vanity and arrogance, which keeps them close enough، They are also able to accept criticism and try to constantly develop themselves.


Types of emotional intelligence

Pdf Emotional intelligence


People with emotional intelligence adopt values and principles and hold them to them under the different circumstances they experience in their lives.

Caution and troy

Those with high emotional intelligence are able to treat those around them with such caution that they are afraid of causing them any harm either by word or deed, they are responsible for everything they say, and every action they do.


Consistently those with high emotional intelligence who Dom seeks to change from himself for the better, he changes all the qualities he finds need to change، It improves everything that needs improvement to reach t

Introduction of emotional intelligence

The importance of emotional intelligence


How to develop emotional intelligence

 Anyone can develop their emotional intelligence skills by following a set of tips that will help them develop this aspect of their personality،

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 Here is a clarification of the most prominent:

pay attention to daily feelings and behaviors

Emotional intelligence can be developed by focusing at the end of each day on how a person's positive or negative events and interactions with those around them, and writing down their thoughts will help them identify their behavioral patterns and reactions compared to others، He determines where he stands out, where he made a mistake, how his feelings were and how he sympathized with others, all of which will help him develop from himself.

A person can also pay attention to their feelings about certain situations, and think about the reasons that led to that strong or weak emotional response to the events that revolve around them, this will help them to understand their feelings and the feelings of others.


How to improve emotional intelligence


Listen to opinions and criticism construction

Listening to the opinions of the people around him who deal with them daily, as well as self-evaluating himself helps a person develop several aspects of their emotional intelligence, for example؛ He can ask his coworkers about his strengths and weaknesses, or any behaviors that come out of him without attention so he can modify them.

he stage of satisfaction with itself.


Active listening practice

Active and effective listening is a hallmark of those with high emotional intelligence, so that skill can be trained and practiced by focusing on what the speaker is saying, and using nonverbal gestures and cues to interact with him، This will make it easier to communicate with others, understand their thoughts and feelings, and develop their emotional intelligence skills.

 Take Online Training Course

Those interested in developing their emotional intelligence and strengthening their leadership abilities can take an online course with the help of people with extensive knowledge in the field, and by connecting with other people interested in developing this aspect، This will help them acquire new skills and knowledge.

The main elements of emotional intelligence ====

Emotional intelligence includes five axes or elements that include what has been explained in advance, which are as follows:


It is the ability to identify emotions immediately after they are felt, which is the main pillar of emotional intelligence, and one of the most important factors on which self-awareness depends is this: the ability to identify personal feelings and their impact. Confidence in feelings and self-worth and abilities. Self-regulation is the ability to control feelings and how they affect, and the ability to turn negativity from them into positive ones such as; feelings of anger, stress or depression, which include: control of personal motives with poor results. Maintaining standards of honesty and integrity. Taking consequences of personal actions. Accept changes flexibly. Openness to new ideas. Motivated to adopt the motivation needed to achieve accomplishments, a person must have clear goals and a positive perspective, and their emotional intelligence shows when they are able to turn any negative perspective into positive and control negative thoughts as soon as they respond to them، Motivation includes: the constant desire to develop or keep up with the standards of excellence. Commitment to the goals of the group or organization. Readiness to act when opportunities arise. Optimism. Empathy is the ability of a person to infer what others are feeling, and it includes:

 Anticipate the feelings of others and meet their needs. Develop others by teaching them how to employ their feelings to perform different tasks. Attract opportunities that suit some people. Read the feelings of groups. Understanding the emotions hidden behind the needs of others. Social skills Emotional intelligence is one of the most important social skills that have emerged in the modern world of social communication، Although a person is able to communicate unlimitedly with others, he will not be able to understand and sympathize with them if he does not have emotional intelligence, which includes: the use of effective persuasion techniques.

Send clear messages. Inspire and lead groups and people. effecting or controlling change. Understanding, discussing and resolving differences. Building and strengthening relationships. Working with others towards common goals. Creating collective synergy.

Emotional intelligence examples


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