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The longest world collapsed the longest world collapsed



The longest world collapsed the longest world collapsed

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River nile

 The Nile River is believed by some to be the longest river in the world, passing through 11 countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Sudan and South Sudan، It has two main tributaries, the White Nile and Blue Nile, and water depends on several sources and has many small and large tributaries, but sometimes its sources or tributaries are distant and difficult to detect and therefore measure

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The longest world collapsed the longest world collapsed


The length of the Nile River

The Nile River is 6,696 km long, originates from Burundi and flows into the Mediterranean Delta،

The Nile River originates from Lake Victoria, located east of central Africa.[] The Amazon River is believed by some to be the largest river in the world, but otherwise because of the difficulty of determining the source of the Amazon River؛ A 2014 study showed that the source of the Amazon River goes back to the Cordillera Rumi Cruz region،

 It is a mountain located in the state of Peru and has a height of 5059 meters

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 amount of water flowing=====<TAG1>

The amount of water flowing from the Amazon River is approximately 120,000 cubic meters per second, [Reuters] The river empties into the South Atlantic، It is worth noting that the original source of the Amazon River was discovered by American Lauren McIntyre in 1971 in the Andes Mountains in southern Peru، The Amazon stems from several snow-covered lakes and streams clustered near Apurimac (Apuraimac), and then meets the Ocayli and Maranon rivers

 Flowing up to 3,700km through Brazil and into the Atlantic, the Amazon branching out into several rivers all of which drain into the sea, and are hard to count all، The mouth of the Bar River is the farthest, making the length of the river 6,750 km

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 Yangtze River

The Yangtze is the third longest river in the world and is the longest river in Asia, with the world's largest dam located on this river، It is characterized by the fact that it flows into only one country, the People's Republic of China, known for its overpopulation, around which a third of the country's population resides, and the Yangtze River originates from the Tutu river in the Tangula Mountains

 According to some new research, it explains that the source of the Yangtze River lies below a running hill; in that region there is the source of the Ko (Qu) River, which is the source of the Yangtze River، It empties into the East China Sea in Shanghai،

 It is worth noting that the Yangtze River is about 6,300 km long.[1] The Yangtze River is known after other names such as (Chang Jiang), the Yangtze River has over 700 tributaries, but there are several major tributaries the most famous of which are (Hun), (Yalong), and (Jialing)، (Min) (Tuo Jiang), (Wu Jia)

 Mississippi River -Mezore=====<TAG1>


 The Mississippi River is the fourth longest in the world, located on the North American continent, the river passes in two countries - Canada and the United States of America, and the Mississippi River reaches 6,274 km in length،[ ] The Mississippi River originates from Lake Itasca in Minnesota and drains into the Gulf of Mexico, and is the longest river in the United States of America، The Mississippi River in the lower regions overflows with disastrous results for people living near its banks, and it is worth noting that the Mississippi River is one of the rivers where marine life is active؛ It has 241 fish species, 45 amphibian species, 37 mussels, 50 mammal species and 40% of What is the longest massage in Nigeria?

migratory birds found in the United States

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 ordering the discovery of the Mississippi River

 Discovered by European Hernando de Soto in 1541, French father Jacques Marquette and Louis Juliet then attempted to travel across the Mississippi to reach the Arkansas River in 1673، Another French explorer, Robert Cavillier, also attempted to travel across the river to reach the Delta in 1682, and then began to be demanded that this area become a dependency of France، The Mississippi River is one of the busiest rivers, because it acts as a commercial waterway and is a tourist destination.

 River Yency======<TAG1>

 The Yenisei River is the largest river flowing towards the Arctic Ocean in the Kara Sea, the river flows from Russia and extends up to Mongolia, [ ] The Yenisei River has a length of 5,539 km، It has a number of tributaries, the most important of which are Seling (Seleng) and Angara (Angara).

، Notably, the Yenisei River is also known as (Great River)[1 ], and the Yenisei River flows from Mongolia in the south and flows north into Russia until it empties into the Arctic، Unfortunately, however, the river has been polluted by factories dumping their waste inside, as well as by its pollution with sewage.

 The Yenisei River is the fifth longest in the world, and the river passes through frozen Siberian regions making much of it frozen year-round، But that doesn't stop the estuary from being a source of hydroelectric power and oil as well.

The Nile is the longest river in the world; at 6,696 km, followed by the Amazon which is the largest in terms of water discharge and at 6,750 km، Then followed by the Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia and passing within only one country - China - then the Mississippi River comes in fourth place; it reaches a length of 6,274 km، Then comes the Yenisei River, which is the fifth longest river in the world and reaches a length of 5539 km. The Yellow River is the sixth longest river in the world; at 5,464 km long, it is located in the Kunlun Mountains of western China, and China's oldest civilization has settled on its banks، Also known as (Huang Ho) as the River of Grief is known for the many floods that have occurred, and it's worth noting that I had the worst flooding between July and November in 1931؛ The river overflowed and flooded over 34,000 square miles of land, submerging entire villages and losing entire agricultural crops, and its flooding displaced more than 80 million people، Nearly a million people have been killed by the flooding, famines and epidemics that resulted from it, and it's worth noting that the river has changed course at least 5 times most recently in 1897،


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Named Yellow River

Due to its colour gained from the silt and yellow deposits found in it, it flows into the Bohai Sea, and the Yellow River has overflowed more than 1,500 times beginning since the second century BC.[16] The Obi-ErTech River is the seventh longest river in the world, 5,398 km long, starting at the union and junction of the Pia (Biya) and Caton (Katun) rivers in the Altai Mountains، It flows through the Siberian region reaching Ob Bay (Ob) and the Ob River is the main river and the Irtysh River is the main tributary of this river، Notably, I have several other large tributaries such as Tom (Tom), Tim (Tym), Schlem (Cholym), Kate (Ket), Sosva (Sosva), Flat (Vakh) and Vasyogan (Vasyughan). This river freezes over a 5-6 month year long, then runs the rest of the year and is crowded with ships carrying tourists and goods، Unfortunately, the river has been damaged by contamination by nuclear waste, which has had an impact on fisheries،

The river's tributaries flow through Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China, pouring into the Arctic Ocean.

 River rio

 The Rio de la Plata is the eighth largest river in the world, passing through 5 countries - Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay - and is 4,880 km long، It originates from Paranepa-Grande, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, and it is worth noting that this river is about 220 km wide.

The Parana River flowing through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina merges with the Paraguay River, and then with the Uruguay River forming the Rio de la Plata، The river helps produce hydroelectric power for Sao Paulo, the largest city on the South American continent.

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Congo River

The Congo River is the ninth longest river in the world, 4,700 km long, thought to have formed 1.5-2 million years ago، It originates from Lake Muiru, a region close to the East African Rift and the Champeche River, and passes through 9 countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, the Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, Cameroon، Burundi and Rwanda, pouring into the Atlantic, with rainfall of up to 229cm per year worth noting.

The Congo River is considered the deepest river in the world according to the US Geological Survey, having exceeded its depth of 229 meters, and is a very large river؛ Upstream water needs 6 months to reach downstream in the Atlantic.

 Argon==== river

 Argon is the tenth largest river in the world; at 4,444 km long, it originates from Rika Argun, Onon River, Shilka River and Nur Kherlin, drains into the Sea of Okhotsk, and has 15 main tributaries، It passes through 3 countries - Russia, China and Mongolia - and is active in marine life; it includes 123 species of fish.

 Argon river is located

Along Russia's eastern border and northern China it is the longest river in the eastern hemisphere, emanating from the sacred mountain Khaldun volcano in northeastern Mongolia and flowing east reaching the Tartary Strait، It passes through diverse areas of grassland to the boreal forests, to the desert and tundra making it special, and this river is one of the most important rivers in the world; providing water and food for wildlife، He was a link worker between range and remote and remote villages, and he was a path to exploration.

 The Yellow River is sixth in order of length with a length of 5,464 km, followed by the Obi-Irtysh River with a length of 5,410 km، It is then followed by the Rudi La Plata River with a length of 4,880 km, followed by the Congo River with a length of 4,700 km, and finally the Argon River which is ranked 10th and has a length of 4,444 km.


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