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Where is Andalusia


Where is Andalusia

What is Andalusia called now?

Where is Andalusia





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 Andalusia is located in the far south of Spain, bordered by Extremadura and Castile Lamansha to the north, and Murcia to the east, while bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast, the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest, and Portugal to the west، Andalusia comprises the following cities and provinces: Huleva, Cadiz, Sevilla, Malaga, Jian, Granada and Almeria.

 It is worth noting that the capital of the present country of Andalusia is Seville, and the country's government consists of an executive council headed by a president, there is a single-council parliament, and the area of Andalusia is reported to be 87,590 km2.

 It should be noted that the concept of Andalusia historically refers to the territory of the Iberian Peninsula under the Islamic State, which spread between 711 and 1492، It was going through a huge spread with lots of regions and country until the state gradually started to collapse, and it started losing cities and regions one by one

Which part of Spain is Andalucia?


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Andalusia Hospital

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Where is Andalusia


Geography of Andalusia

 Andalusia has the most diverse terrain in Spain, with different and varied terrains between the Alps, high-altitude pine forests, arid deserts and fertile plains, which are famous for subtropical fruit plantations.

 Andalucia is characterized by its 800 km coastline, with 70% of these sandy beaches, and the following coasts are distributed on the Mediterranean Sea; Almeria Coast, and Tropical Coast، Del Sol is the global coast, while de la Luz is located along the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Gibraltar.

 In addition, in Andalusia there are two mountain ranges; the Petka sub-series (Betica Range) which houses the huge Sagrada rocky mass, which rises 2,383 m above sea level، And the Bainbetika mountain range (Penibetica Mountain Range).


 Andalucia also has towering mountain peaks; like the Sierra Nevada (Snow Mountain) which is the highest mountain peak on the Iberian Peninsula, reaching a height of 3,481 m، The summit of Velita, which rises 3,392 m above sea level

Why is Andalucia famous in Spain?

Is Andalusia a separate country?

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Madrid climate of andalus

Andalusia has a warm Mediterranean climate most of the time, with winters mild, and rain infrequently falling, saving the summer and being dry and hot، Especially when moving from coastal areas to inland areas.

 It's worth noting that the average temperature in Andalusia is around 18C and January is reported to be the coldest month of the year, with August being the hottest month،

 The climate of Andalusia is reported to be a major tourist attraction; coastal and low-lying areas of Andalusia are exposed to nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.

 Andalusia, on the other hand, has a rich biodiversity depending on its climatic diversity؛ The climate ranges from the desert climate of Tabernas (Almeria) to the extreme winter climate in the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Granada).

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