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Why do men shave their hair?



Benefits of shaving hair for men
shaving hair 

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The benefits of shaving hair for men are many, as it brings
 positive results on the shape, health and appearance of hair,
 in addition to many things that you find in the following
The benefits of shaving hair is zero with the machine

The best times to shave men's hair
Men's haircuts are a routine step within the hair care system

. There are many benefits of men's haircuts that make them 
rsevere in this step periodically, and although it is a traditional step, it brings many benefits to the health of the hair, the man's psyche, and his general appearance.


Benefits of shaving hair for men

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The best times to shave men's hair


Men's haircut times depend on the type of hairstyle, as there are some hairstyles that take longer for the hair to grow after it, in some haircuts in which the sides of the hair are completely shaved with the hair remaining longer in the middle of the head compared to the sides, it will need a period ranging between 3 -6 weeks for the hair to grow back and be ready for another shave.

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But there are other factors that play a role in the hair-cutting process, depending on the nature. You may have heard of the moon being associated with hair-cutting in advance, but what is the relationship between them in reality? Relying on the phases of the moon when determining when to cut hair is beneficial in promoting hair growth and regeneration, as lunar cycles affect hair health.The process of shaving hair brings many benefits to the health of the hair, so most men are keen to shave it. The benefits of shaving hair include the following:

shaving face for men

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Hair styling to suit the shape of the face.


Proper shaving helps to hide some imperfections su venus gel

ch as weak and thinning hair or an uneven hairline.


You show how much you care about a man with your general appearance.


It is an affordable way to get a beautiful new look and style of hair.


Strengthening your self-confidence and self-esteem because of your appearance in a more tidy and attractive manner

And its vitality, which depends on cutting hair on the days of the full moon, also known as the white days of each month.

shaving face for men

It is necessary to pay attention to hair shaving in order to renew it and improve its health, and to get rid of damaged and long hair from the limit.


Let's find out what follows on a list of myths about men's hair, in addition to some facts about men's hair

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Myths about men's hair:


In the following, a list of myths about men's hair will be mentioned, followed by its scientific correction:


1-Shaving hair makes it grow faster1


People often think that


hair shaving


 It causes it to grow faster or thicker, but the fact is that hair grows thicker and faster with age.


A hair is made of keratin-type proteins and has no blood supply or signals from the nervous system. In other words, your body doesn't know if your hair has been shaved or not

2-Plucking gray hair leads to the growth of a larger number of gray hairs in its place


To find out the truth behind this myth, you must first know that each hair has a specific color that is produced by the melanin cell in the hair follicle, and when these cells stop producing the fingers, the hair turns gray or what is called gray hair.


Plucking gray hair does not affect the melanin cell in other hair follicles, so the color of other hairs does not become gray as a result.



 3-Hair can turn gray overnight because of fear


There is no scientific evidence linking the appearance of gray hair with fear or anxiety


Psychological disorders

Overnight, even in one hour if dyed this color.

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4-The shampoo makes men's hair grow faster


Every advertisement of a company claims that shampoo can make hair grow faster, but the truth is that the hair of both men and women grows at a very steady pace, which is usually about one centimeter per month.


It is worth noting that some shampoos can make the hair appear thicker by plumping up the hair follicles and some can help prevent hair breakage, but none of them can increase the pace of your hair growth.

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5-Baldness is hereditary from the mother’s side


The truth is, men's hair loss leading to baldness can be passed down from both ends of the family, or it can pass many generations to come

to you


6-Wearing tight hats leads to hair loss in men


In order for this to happen the hat would have to be compressive enough to stop the blood flow to the hair follicles, and if that was the case then you wouldn't be able to wear this hat comfortably, so it's not reasonable.


It should be noted here that wearing a tight hat can lead to hair breakage and other damage.

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7-Dandruff results from dry scalp


The fact is that dandruff is caused by a type of fungus, which can sometimes grow out of control and feed on the oils in the scalp, and this can lead to an increase in the number of dead cells that form in combination with dirt and oils in the scalp.





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Facts about men's hair:


Below is a set of facts that you should know about men's hair


Hair needs daily care in terms of combing and moisturizing


Hair becomes stronger if you follow a diet rich in vitamins and minerals


Drink plenty of water.


Men's hair is thicker than women's hair, and this is due to male hormones.


Important tip for men:


You should not believe what you hear about poetry and others, as there are many myths, so you should search for the correct information from reliable sources

With my best wishes


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