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Medical Alarm Systems




Medical Alarm Systems


Emergency medical alarm systems:

 are alarm systems used by patients who are recovering from surgery that can not move with ease, or individuals who are old, weak, in poor health, or individuals who have need of urgent medical attention to alert emergency medical personnel.

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Most medical alarm systems use a wireless transmitter (usually a pendant) to trigger the medical alarm. When the medical alarm is set off, the transmitter then sends a signal to the alarm monitoring company’s main control center or other medical emergency institution. Medical emergency personnel are then sent off to the location where the medical alarm system was triggered.

Emergency medical alarm systems


 have three essential components. These parts are: an emergency medical alarm button that is set in pendant of a bracelet or usually a necklace, an emergency medical alarm console to call for assistance, and an emergency medical alert service that monitors and acts in response to the request for assistance.

Emergency Medical Alarm Systems originated and were developed during the early seventies in Germany by “Wilhelm Horman”. Wilhelm Horman aim in developing broad organizations for ambulatory and non-ambulatory care for the old, ailing, those who live unaccompanied and disabled individuals. Wilhelm Horman’s idea of “medical alarm systems” were seen as somewhat extensive which includes the transmission of the medical data and social communication. Emergency medical alarm systems are not limited for individual who are old. The technical execution was accomplished with the aid of “AEG – Telefunken Backnang GmbH”. The emergency medical alarm systems were then introduced to the world in the early eighties.

Emergency medical alarm systems were then added with an assortment of accessories like smoke detectors, motion detectors and fall sensors. A flood of gadgets that can be linked over analog or digital “ISDN” connections are very much available these days.

In some circumstances like for example, if an individual that emergency medical alarm system falls or is all of a sudden develop bad health, that individual can trigger a call for assistance simply by pressing the button that is on the pendant or on the wrist (in case of a bracelet type medical alarm system) without the need of a telephone. The emergency medical alarm systems are programmed to configure calls or connections so that it will terminate any calls in progress and then initiate a call for emergency assistance. The alert is then sent to the monitoring company’s main control center or the system’s operator which is either a public emergency rescue service agency or a private security company. The medical data of that individual is then displayed so that the emergency response team will then know the address, medical condition and medical history of the individual.

For millions of people who are suffering from various illnesses, medical alarm systems are indeed a very important device in their everyday life.


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