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How do you know the right boar splay


How do you know the right boar splay


Is changing PowerSplay necessary when upgrading the screen card in your device

How much is the Power Splay machine?

PSU power supply units:




Learn that PSU power supply units don't last forever, and you need to upgrade to a higher-efficiency unit over time, because it's an infrastructure that's paramount to your PC. But suppose that the power supply in your device is modern, and does not need to change, but you want to upgrade the screen card and buy other higher possibilities, here control your mind direct question، Do I also need to upgrade my PowerSplay to get it in line with the new GPU, or will the current unit do ؟ The following lines answer that question, but let's first get to know the power supply, the GPU in case you're a newbie

How do you know the right boar splay

What are the criteria for boar selection?

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Components of bauer splay


Power supply unit (powersplay)


A power supply is a component of computers that power all other components. The power supply converts 110-115 or 220-230 volt AC into a constant low voltage constant current (direct current) that can be used by the internal hardware of the computer، Power supply units are classified by the number of watts they generate. The power supply is at the back of the computer, usually at the top. However, many of the modern tower cases have a place to place the Powersplay at the bottom back of the cyst.

What does the Boer Splay machine do؟


Can the Boer Splay be repaired؟

How do you select breeding boars?


The power supply unit contains:




Rectifier converts AC into a continuous current.


A filter that smoothes the current coming from the rectifier.


About controls the incoming voltage by stepping it up or down.


A voltage regulator that controls DC output, allowing the right amount of power to be supplied to computers.

Everything that is in the computer structure is powered by the power supply, for example, the motherboard, RAM, CPU, storage units, and video cards. While the computer is on, the fan inside the power supply should always work. If the fan is not working, either the computer is not working or the fan is broken and the power supply should be replaced.

Best power splay PC

What are the characteristics of a good boar?

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Graphics processing unit )screen card)

The GPU (GPU), one of the most important types of personal and business computing technologies. Designed for parallel processing, the GPU is used in a wide range of applications, including graphics and video display. Although known for its gaming capabilities, GPUs are becoming more common for use in creative production and artificial intelligence (AI).


Graphics processing units were originally designed to speed up the display of three-dimensional graphics. Over time, they became more flexible and programmable, enhancing their capabilities. This allowed the graphics programmers to create more interesting visual effects and realistic scenes using advanced lighting and shading techniques. Graphics processing units come in two basic types: compact and separate. The built-in graphics module is included alongside the CPU، A separate GPU is an independent processing chip that is mounted on its motherboard and is typically plugged into a PCI Express slot.

Let us now turn to answer our question: should the power supply be upgraded to align with the new GPU, or will the current unit do the trick ؟

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The Boar Splay's not working


Find out if you need to upgrade Power Splay


When upgrading your screen card in your device, you should ask yourself will this upgrade cause the entire system to exceed the recommended level for the currently existing power supply ؟ If the power supply has a high capacity, there is no need to replace it, unless it is old and you want to increase the security while it is running.

So first we need to figure out how to calculate the current energy load, so that knowing how much current energy a power supply is carrying, comes by counting each piece connected to the unit، From extra drives to fans, not just the CPU and GPU.

To make it happen, you can take a tricky approach by looking for the rated wattage of each piece of device on your own and putting it all into a spreadsheet, calculating how much power it takes, but there are actually simpler and more easy ways. If you want a simple, reasonable estimate of the power your device charges, you can rely on the OuterVision website

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Power Supply Calcor


PC Builder


 Where you select the pieces on your current computer, when you've finished your selections, you'll find the energy estimate that a wat power supply (Estimated Data) should provide.

Take advantage of the old Boer Splay

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Recalculate using the new graphics processing unit

Now that you know how much load on your current device, you can replace the choice of GPU with the one you want to buy. When you make this change, you will notice the difference in the energy estimate, and then it will be clear if you need to change the powerSplay or not. If the estimate in front of you is higher than the capacity of the power supply on your device, you will inevitably have to change it to a unit that provides higher power.

By the way, you don't necessarily always have to find a need to replace PowerSplay after buying a new screen card, the new graphical card might be consuming almost the same amount of energy or even slightly less than the old one. But in any case, you'll discover there's a new value to compare, especially when upgrading from a very old screen card like GTX 1080 to a talk like RTX 3060.




Comparison of current and future height margin

Now you have two numbers:


 The first is for the rated power load of your old device, and the second is for the device after adding the upgraded GPU (GPU).


Now is the time to talk about the margin of rise and risk tolerance

Altitude is the amount of extra energy available in a power rating (power supply unit) after you place it under load. In simple terms, this margin of elevation is the difference between the power provided by Power Splay and the amount of actual power your device needs to function properly.


Perhaps in the past, it was smart to use Power Splay to cater more than what would be required to save by 50% for example if the device required adding Power Splay with 100W efficiency، Some were buying Power Splay with a 150-watt efficiency that is 50% higher than needed, so as to avoid having to buy another Power Splay when upgrading any piece of the device. But, for now, with units spreading up high-quality modern power with the appropriate efficiency certificate, using power units with a 50% margin is wrong and too expensive، Because when you're running PowerSplay at 50% currently it only increases efficiency by 2 to 3%, which doesn't fit with the physical return you'll pay.




Best power splay PC




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