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To gTo give her free meals to the occupation army.. Campaign to boycott McDonalds

To gTo give her free meals to the occupation army.. Campaign to boycott McDonalds

To gTo give her free meals to the occupation army.. Campaign to boycott McDonalds

McDonald's is an American multinational fast food corporation, founded as a drive-in restaurant by Maurice and Richard McDonald in 1940, and renamed in 1948. The company's restaurants are known for their hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, milkshakes, soft drinks, and desserts. As of 2023, McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant chain by revenue, serving over 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries.

McDonald's has been criticized for its unhealthy food options, its role in the obesity epidemic, and its environmental impact. However, the company remains popular with customers around the world, and is known for its convenience, affordability, and consistency.

Some of the most popular McDonald's menu items include

Big Mac
Quarter Pounder with Cheese
French fries
Happy Meal
Egg McMuffin
Shamrock Shake
McCafe coffee
McDonald's also offers a variety of seasonal and regional menu items, such as the McLobster sandwich in the United States and the McSpicy chicken sandwich in Singapore.

In addition to its fast food restaurants, McDonald's also operates McCafe coffee shops, McCafé Bakery cafes, and McDonald's PlayPlaces indoor playgrounds. The company also sells a variety of merchandise, including clothing, toys, and home goods.

McDonald's has a long 
history of supporting
Ronald McDonald
 House Charities, a non-profit organization that provides housing and support to families with children in hospitals. The company also donates to other charities and organizations around the world.


To give her free meals to the occupation army.. Campaign to boycott «MacDonalds»
McDonnell's support for the Israeli military

There was a state of discontent and anger among the pioneers of social networking sites, because of the announcement of «MacDonalds» support for the occupation army, and provide free meals to them, to announce the pioneers of social media boycott of the American company

Mcdonnell county

McDonald's now leads the search engines on Facebook and Google, after users circulated photos of the Israeli army with McDonald's meals, and McDonald's also published photos of the distribution of those meals.
Tweets, posts, and photos, quickly spreading like wildfire on social media, demand a total boycott of the popular US restaurant chain «MacDonalds», after it provided free meals to the soldiers of the occupation army, continuing to bomb Gaza، Under an applied siege, 2.5 million Palestinians were denied their human right to water, electricity, food and medicine.

Photos and letters of support from McDonald's 

occupation army

And spread other images, on Instagram, in which she said: « our in-kind donations to the Israeli army and rescue forces, security, and those affected by the attack, 12 thousand meals so far, and we will continue the campaign of large donations، We'll serve thousands of meals a day »
Activists responded to calls for boycotts
After the images were released, thousands of activists responded with calls for a total boycott of McDonald's restaurants over their support for the occupation, while making fun of the poor fast food and its negative impact on health.
In an English-language post, one activist said: « Palestinian children in Gaza are dying of hunger, because Israel has denied them all basic needs (electricity, water, gas), and McDonald's is donating free meals to the occupation army forces، This is a Palestinian holocaust literally».

McDonald's boycott is a popular demand after their position on Palestine

McDonald's boycott became a popular demand after the company's position on Palestine and standing by the Israeli occupation in killing the people of Gaza and throwing internationally prohibited bombs، Let their soldiers enjoy delicious meals at a time when the usurpers cut off food, electricity and even water completely for children, women and all the people on the occupied land.

McDonald's county

McDonald's County invitations were launched on social media after one person posted a photo taken from the popular restaurant app Mac, announcing her donation of tens of thousands of free meals to the Israel Defense Forces.

Since Thursday, just a few hours after calls to boycott pro-Israel products including McDonald's, and their participants have been steadily increasing، Continue their calls not to help the famous restaurant reap more profits that the occupation soldiers feed to pay a thirst for the people of Gaza in their war against it.

Under the label of Mac_Egypt, opinions differed between supporters and opponents of the boycott, as opponents based on the fact that McDonald's branches in Egypt are owned by Egyptians, and employment in it is Egyptian, and America gets only a part of the profits.

However, Mohamed Hossam Khader replied with a post in which he said 
«at ma brandat de operate with the French system means here is an Egyptian management and ownership, first: a percentage of sales in droouh to the parent company, second: I have the responsibility of the one who took the French here, he exclaims them with my high work, a third: if any branch of work need hurt the Brand, the Brand must withdraw the French from it، When we meet McDonald's silent on what branches of the entity they have done from support for the enemy remains is agree on him, and it makes sense to deal with Brand Piedam support liquidation of the brothers of Le».

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