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Learn about everything that was reviewed in front of Sisi at the graduation ceremony of military colleges

 Learn about everything that was reviewed in front of Sisi at the graduation ceremony of military colleges 


Sisi attends graduation ceremony for military college students
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi witnessed the graduation ceremony of students of military colleges, in the presence of a number of ministers and state men, and the graduation ceremony of a new batch of students of the academy and military colleges began in 2023، On the occasion of the ceremony of placing the Order of the Republic on the flag of the Armed Forces, on the occasion of the 50 th anniversary of the October War and appeared in the sky of the show fighter jets، The No. 50 was formed to coincide with today's celebration of 50 years since October's glorious victory.
Learn about everything that was reviewed in front of Sisi at the graduation ceremony of military colleges

Sisi witnesses air force show at military colleges graduation 
ceremony (direct broadcast)

Sisi in the film recording the graduation ceremony of military 

colleges: «lo The army has its work once remains working every time»

Sisi awards Armed Forces Military Order of Republic (Live Stream)
Brigadier Yasser Wahba, the presenter of the ceremony, announced the ratification of the President of the Republic, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, on the granting of the flag of the armed forces and the Military Order of the Republic, where President Sisi imitated the flag of the armed forces and the Military Order of the Republic

The helicopters (Gazel) carrying the flag of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the flag of the Egyptian Armed Forces, the flags of the main branches and the flag of the military academy appeared in the sky

During the ceremony, a documentary film was shown about the training of the academy and military colleges, «Men Factory»، The film reviewed the hard training practiced by the students of the various military colleges from the Military and Air College, Air Defense, Technical Price and Military Technological College، The sky of the Military College was then decorated with a display of the Air Force with fourth-generation (F-16) fighters with high maneuverability and the execution of difficult missions such as air-to-air and air-to-ground، which has a prominent role in counter-terrorism

The review included an E-2C early warning aircraft accompanied by two Mirage 2000s, Mirage jets breaking up and making a sharp maneuver showing high maneuverability and air force pilot efficiency، The multi-role fighters (F-16) advance by taking part in the graduation ceremony of the academy and military colleges, which are considered to be one of the advanced fighters on which to carry out missions because of their high combat capabilities

Then participated in the show Rafale aircraft, which is one of the latest advanced fourth generation aircraft joined the Air Force، Advanced fourth-generation (MIG-29) multi-role aircraft that can handle all air, sea and ground targets، A strategic transport aircraft (US 76 MF), with Rafale-protected aircraft, then advanced against the platform

The Equestrian Team of the Military Academy reviewed their skills with the participation of the Knights and Knights of the Equestrian Club of the Armed Forces, and the Knights of the Academy who won the Republic Championship and many international leaping championships، The students of the first equestrian course held at the Military Academy, commissioned by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to work as officers assigned to the armed forces, also participated in the celebration

Special forces were then displayed, with Taser men and parachutes appearing as they prepared to reach the parade ground, and Apache aircraft taking over the task of securing the action of the main assault forces، It provides air cover for the Sa'iqa fighters during the execution of various tasks

The Augusta 149 helicopters, loaded with Taser men, are advancing to carry out the main intrusions into the facilities، The Air Force is integral to the lightning operation of its various missions for its effective support of the troops and the implementation of protection and air cover

In front of the lightning fighters pass through various natural and industrial obstacles, and on the side of the landing force carries out the storming of buildings and climbing skills using ropes and climbing networks، The Ojesta helicopter, which takes down fighters to carry out their tasks, is one of the most advanced helicopters because of its advanced capabilities and capabilities

The parade ground is entered by a storm vehicle loaded with a storming crew of Taser men to storm buildings using war dogs and secured by a military equipment، It is an integrated system characterized by accuracy in performance through which the men of the thunderbolt in cooperation with the air force

A 50-pack of Delta paratroopers gear was then shown in the sky to mark a new world record for the first time in the country's skies in celebration of October's 50th anniversary، The Delta stomach is one of the most important equipment for gliding, which has recently been included in the parachute forces to keep pace with the global development in the field of armament and used in the implementation of special tasks because of its agility and ability Highhandedness.
The parachute force free-jumping men in the diamond's 50-jump formation then appeared in the sky, taking part in the world record for tangle of 50 jumpers from one country

Then the diamond-forming entanglement chapter began to show, in the sky of the show, the 36-jumped diamond formation that was first carried out in the skies over Egypt in 2010، Another chapter of entanglement followed to show the diamond's 25-jump formation carried out in 2008, and then the 16-jump diamond formation that ran out in 2007، As the last chapter in the formation of the diamond was the formation of a diamond of 9 hoppers, which was the nucleus of the start of the formation of the diamond in Egypt in 2005، This was followed by the readiness of the jumpers to reach their planned places in a high-end and outstanding performance that shows high skill

The ceremony witnessed the display of a set of equipment that participated in the October 1973 war, in which the Egyptian soldier proved his heroic positions firmly in the minds of the Egyptian people، Where he used weapons and equipment that exceeded their technical and combat capabilities to control his laurels and championships

Then President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and the attendees paid tribute to the flags of the brotherly Arab countries that Egypt participated in the war in 1973 (the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Tunisia, the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria، Saudi Arabia, Republic of Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Iraq, State of Palestine, State of Kuwait, State of Libya, Kingdom of Morocco, Republic of Yemen) .
Then the Egyptian air games team «Silver stars», today celebrated the graduation of students of the academy and military colleges 2023, coinciding with the anniversary of the October victories, where the aircraft presented a set of air maneuvers، The first part of the ceremony will end.

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