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What are the characteristics of monkeys and their behaviors


What are the characteristics of monkeys and their behaviors


The monkey lives all over the world and comes in shapes


What are 5 characteristics of a monkey?

What are the behaviors of a monkey?


As one of our closest relatives, the monkey is a very smart mammal and has the opposite thumb, allowing it to use tools and play games, there are more than 260

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What are the characteristics of monkeys and their behaviors


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Different species of monkeys, they are separated into two main categories, New World monkeys and World monkeys


Old World monkeys live in the Americas, while Old World monkeys live in


Asia and Africa, and one of the differences between the two categories is that Old World monkeys do not have midwife tails


To catch something, New World monkeys do it.



What are 5 interesting facts about monkey?

What is the group behaviour of monkey?


What qualities of the monkey his behaviors


Old World monkeys have special bags in their cheeks where they can store food, and Old World monkeys


She has a meat cat on the rump, but the New World monkeys don't have it, and you open the nose of the Old World monkeys


Small, curved and close together, most New World monkeys have spaced round nose openings،


Monkeys are as diverse in shape and size as humans, and the smallest monkey in the world is the American straw monkey،


According to the University of Wisconsin, the monkey weighs about 4 ounces (113 grams) and is about 5 in length


In inches (12.7 cm) only, the largest monkey in the world is the mandrel monkey, and the monkey weighs about 77 pounds (35 pounds


It is about 3 feet (1 meter) high.


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monkey behaviour study

monkey behaviors


why do baby monkeys cling to each other all

baby monkey behavior

Behavior of monkeys :

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Monkeys are characterized by behaviors that distinguish them from other animals, and the most important of these behaviors are the following:




 Motor activity :




During the daytime except for some species called owl monkeys or night monkeys.



monkey characteristics in humans

This is a monkey

do monkeys feel love

how do monkeys show happiness


Use the method of solving problems:




 These animals are considered to have high intelligence. Living in groups, groups consist of females born in the group, their young and one or more males. Monkeys communicate with each other through the use of body language and sounds, which appear in the form of screaming, barking or squawking, which can be heard 5km away.

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Social communication in monkeys :




Monkeys live in social groups, where repetitive activities and interactions are coordinated in the public interest, so that group members develop belonging to achieve continuity versus aggressiveness to maintain the group from threats.


 Social life is characterized by the fact that it requires showing competition and sometimes conflict, and may also require the sharing of food resources, water resources, and sleeping positions, taking into account a hierarchy of dominant individuals in groups، Which have access to limited resources. Through social communication, the monkey group protects itself from predation and exposure to sources of danger, and communication allows the circle of companions to increase، Social media is also a reason why social behaviors necessary for survival are passed down from generation to generation within the animal group, and being in groups is a reason to reduce stress and conflict, and keep as much as possible for the group's security. Monkeys use hidden calls as a behavior to communicate, as one monkey begins to make a voice and message to join others from the group, the most important of which is what male monkeys use as a means to attract females، Or to draw attention in the event of being alone, or to warn about the threat to the group, and what is worth noting here is that females do not respond to voice messages launched by foreign males outside the group to which they belong.



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 Social groups :




Monkeys create groups that are relatively small in numbers compared to other animals, as they are animals that rely on fruits and plants for their food, and therefore the number of the group is proportional to the competition for food resources، Monkey populations are made up of major categories:




Single female :




And her offspring this type of social group is rare in primates, in which the female is present with her young females in particular for long periods, and in the case of male children they move away at puberty and reach sexual maturity، With the possibility of gathering in the periods of mating, and these gatherings are within places specific to females.



 Family monogamous group:




 This form of group exists between Asian monkeys and New World monkeys, as this group consists of male and female with their children, and this form can be likened to the form of nuclear family in humans، This form of group is rare, and the most famous monkey species that creates this group are the ghiboun, the siamang, the tete, the indris, the tarsier and the boto.




 Polyandros family group :




This group includes the world's smallest apes; the marzette and the exercise, these groups begin to form monogamous groups, with the male, the female and the children، A new male will then join the family and provide services to assist in the process of parenting, in which case the female will be able to mate with both males in the group، The male role in this group is characterized by its role in the process of upbringing, as children are with the father most of the time.




 Group of single male and several female:




 These groups feature a male among a female group, meaning one male regularly mates with females, living with more than one female at the same time، In these groups although the male may be dominant this cannot be generalized, as the female line of the Gladas dominates the group, although the male is larger and more aggressive.


 This group takes a different form in the event of external threat and pressure, as families come together to be polygamous families, and the male is in control, so that he maintains order and provides protection for the group، When male apes reach adulthood they are expelled by the dominant male, while females, when they reach maturity, leave the family to be independent families.




 Multiple group male and female :




The species is the most prevalent among primates, as the group consists of multiple males and females, with savanna, macaques, colobus and New World monkeys found in this type of group، These groups are characterized by a hierarchy of male-female dominance, which mitigates the risk of violence, as the group learns who to submit and submit, and in this type the females remain together as a team throughout their lives، Especially in the macaque type, preventing the presence of female intruders on their community.




 Community fission and fusion :




It is a society in which the form, size and composition of a group change as a result of the multiple activities of individuals, a pattern generally accepted by the chimpanzees, in which the chimpanzees enter and leave the community، They live alone and collectively at other times. Females in this community may change their membership from one group to another, especially in the mating (happiness) stage, and new groups are established with the aim of researching and obtaining food.


 The behavioral nature of chimpanzees allows for this form of broad relationships in which new groups are established, it creates external relationships with different neighboring groups that allow change to form, composition, and size of the group.






Features of monkeys for other animals:




 Monkeys live in many parts of the world and vary in their different shapes, sizes and colors, as they are considered to be the closest animals to humans, and the following are the most important things that distinguish monkeys from other animals:


The large brain and high intelligence are the most important features of monkeys on other animals big brain and high intelligence, and these qualities are what make them able to cope and adapt to the different conditions and environments in which they live، These features are the most that make them similar to human, and the monkeys are characterized by their presence and movement in the form of groups, which means that they are relationships between them.


 Opposite thumbs count monkeys as mammals with opposite thumbs, and it is precisely this trait that makes them able to use instruments that are quite different as a human، In addition to their ability to practice many movements and games, whether in nature or gardens, monkeys also have flexible hands and feet to help them move and jump on branches، As well as being able to walk on their feet like a human, all monkeys have the privilege of being clean from bugs and other insects.


 Communication skills Monkeys communicate with each other with pronunciation, facial expressions and body movements, showing a smile or lip lift and shaking the head and shoulders forward is a sign of aggressiveness in the monkey، Female monkeys also breastfeed their young for long periods which makes there a relationship between the mother and her son, in addition to having a monthly cycle like a human, and it is worth mentioning here that sexual activity is often limited mainly in females؛ That is, on the period of ovulation (erotism).


 The long life span varies with the average age of animals, including those that die quickly, including the long age, and the monkeys one, the monkeys have a medium age is almost as high as humans، They average around 40 years of age unlike many animals.






Diseases that may affect the monkey:




Here are some of the most common diseases among monkeys that you may transmit to humans:




Herpes B:




Symptoms include fever, headache, skin lesions, respiratory infection, and can be transmitted to humans through contact with ocular, genital or oral secretions of monkeys.








These viruses may cause fibroids, enteric cryptosporidios, atypical mycobacteria, cystic pneumonia and others.






Is the monkey threatened with extinction:




While many monkey species are not in danger, some are on the verge of extinction and, for example, there are only 150 Tonkin's pony-nosed ape، Another monkey on the list is the Red TanaRed River monkey and there are less than 1,000 of that monkey left in the world، Both are on the list of the twenty-five most endangered primates published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature on the natural species of the remaining primate group, and the crowned Gibbon Hainan Black is one of the most endangered species، There are only 20 of these monkeys left in the world.




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