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Re-Purposing Plastic – Earn Money Online With Recycling




Re-Purposing Plastic – Earn Money Online With Recycling

Re-Purposing Plastic

 – Earn Money Online With Recycling –

Re-purposing plastic for the creation of new items that can be used or sold is just one little way we can all do our part to protect the environment. No matter where anyone is in regards to climate change, and no matter what they may believe personally, there are very few people craving a glass of brackish water to wash down the vehicle exhaust and solid carbon particulate matter being emitted from the local smoke stacks. There is no doubt that we need to become better stewards of the environment.

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This is of particular concern to some during the ongoing digital transformation of society. Granted, the crypto-mining process utilizing the Proof of Work (vs Proof of Stake) method of verification is power intensive. The Graphical Processing Units or GPUs used for mining tend to consume roughly three hundred kilowatt hours while in operation.

Such is the level of consumption that one company in China was known for having a million dollar per month electric bill for their crypto-mining operations. In fact, one independent “journalist” proudly declared that it was better for the environment to use private jets for individual travel to and from the global climate summits, instead of having people use their computers to access the meetings remotely via video conferencing.

While that particular individual may have been slightly confused about the differences between the regular computer the average person uses and the power-hungry GPUs used for mining, the fact remains that environmental and climate considerations should be taken into consideration even when trying to learn how to earn money online. The idea of re-utilizing and re-purposing plastic and other trash we would normally throw away is not a new concept.

What Is Recycled Fashion And Re-purposing Plastic DIY

In days of old, it was a surprisingly common phenomenon, if for no other reason that most people were so poor they had no choice. Even in the modern day of the digital transformation of society there may be a lot we can learn from previous generations and those who went before us.

Chances are pretty good that very few people in the world today have been forced to take an old feed sack and re-purpose it to create a new dress or fashion accessories from used cloth and other recycled materials. No matter how odd such a concept may seem today, it was common practice even less than one hundred years ago.

In fact, the practice was so common that many feed companies began using colorfully decorated feed sacks to get women to encourage their husbands to purchase those brands. Despite popular misconceptions today, previous generations often recycled substantially more and generated much less waste than the modern generations.

The innovations that led to plastic bags and plastic dishes was in fact based on outrage from more recent generations that items like wood products and paper were too commonly used for packaging and the delivery of goods. Granted, most things were more capable of being repaired and repurposed, but that was overlooked in the selective outrage of the day.

Modern generations, to their credit, have once again raised the red flags and introduced very legitimate concerns about the environment and the impact of excessive consumerism and the large amount of waste generated in the world today. Surprisingly to some, much of this waste can be offset and mitigated through re-purposing plastic and the re-utilization of other items we would normally throw away.

Environmental Concerns In A Digital World

In this particular article, the focus will be on basic ideas for re-purposing plastic, as it is one of the more hazardous materials filling the landfills and even the oceans of the world. For those that are rightfully concerned about modern environmental issues, and even for those who want to learn how to earn money with a very small or even no investment, hopefully, some of the ideas found here will help.

If anyone has earned a spot in the history books for their environmental efforts in the modern world, it should be Michael Reynolds, also known as the Garbage Warrior. He is unfortunately known and recognized by far too few people in the world today. Worse still perhaps, are the struggles he has been through, and the inability to get his projects into the markets because of bureaucracy.

The Garbage Warrior has taken re-purposing municipal waste to an entirely new level, using waste materials to build “radically sustainable” housing. Without any introduction of municipal electricity, water, or sewage, he has managed to build sustainable housing that should be a revolutionary lesson on how to live properly.

Anyone who has managed to grow tropical fruits, inside their home, in a high desert environment that sees extreme heat and cold, without the use of municipal utilities, deserves more than just a little bit of credit. Not everyone is going to be able to develop such an incredible means for re-purposing plastic and other municipal waste people would normally throw away.

The practice of re-purposing plastic to create new and exciting items, and even as a means to make a living may be difficult to believe at first. However, the projects included in the following section are just the tip of the proverbial plastic iceberg.

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Re-Purposing Plastic Products And DIY Crafts

Even with all of the current focus on recycling and re-purposing plastic, the challenges of plastics in municipal solid waste continue seemingly unabated. There is more to consider than just saving the environment in terms of re-purposing plastic and other commonly discarded items. Re-utilization may not be the primary focus in terms of ending poverty, but there are an increasingly large number of people who need to find new ways to earn money online.

The idea of DIY crafts made by re-purposing plastic and other items is just one means that people who have been down-sized, out-sourced, and otherwise left looking for work can have the means to earn a living online. It should be noted, that if you are going to be re-purposing plastic from everywhere you get it, the number of items you create will rapidly diminish the room you have in your home.

For this reason, if nothing else, not only should you focus on a means to do your part to save the environment, but you should expect that you will need to learn to buy and sell things online or even locally. The only bad thing with that is that perhaps you will have a slight increase in your tax liabilities, but you will also have more money to do more of the things you want.

It is possible to find creative ways for re-purposing plastic from virtually everything plastic you would normally throw away. Plastic bags, plastic containers, and even plastic strings and ties can all be re-purposed and used to create beautiful DIY artwork, nick nacks, and other items for collecting and sales. Furthermore, it really can be a fun and profitable way to help save the planet at the same time.

Plastic Pillows And Stuffed Animals

It should go without saying that before re-purposing plastics the items should be very clean and fully dried. In some cases, this may be possible after the preparatory work is done, but in other cases this process should come first. That being said, it is never a bad idea to have all of your supplies and materials cleaned before re-purposing.

There is a major outcry about single use plastics and how damaging they are to the environment. The ability for taking these and re-purposing plastics like this can greatly decrease the amount of plastics currently ending up in landfills and in the oceans of the world. The single-use plastics tend to be soft and this makes them ideal for stuffing.

It may be possible to find a high quality shredder in places that buy or sell office supplies, but the unit would likely have to be cleaned on a regular basis. The other option is to use scissors or other manual means of re-purposing the plastic by cutting it into fine strips or even smaller pieces for a more desirable outcome.

These small bits of plastic can easily be re-purposed by using them as stuffing for pillows and stuffed animals. If the plastic is fine enough, it may also be used as batting in quilts that can be made with re-purposed cloth in addition to the re-purposed plastics.

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Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders, Vases, And Planters

Plastic bottles make up a surprisingly large portion of global plastic waste but are among the easiest means of re-purposing plastics to create DIY arts and crafts. A quick search of the internet will reveal a host of plans and ideas for DIY plastic bottle crafts for re-purposing plastics. There are an amazingly large number of crafts that can be created not only for personal use, but to sell online and in local markets.

Bird-feeders are popular items that can be easily made by re-purposing plastics, including smaller ones for hummingbirds, and larger ones for birds, and even squirrels should the homeowner so desire. The bird feeders for hummingbirds are a little more challenging as the sugar-water or other liquids must be contained while at the same time providing small access ports for the birds to access the sweet treat.

Vases and other types of plastic containers can be created with used plastic bottles, though many people prefer to decorate these further. The sides of the re-purposed plastic bottles may be sliced to form flower petals or other decorative patterns. The portions of plastic may then be further decorated via the addition of embroidered or other knitted or sewn cloth. The end results can be both beautiful and profitable for the DIY craftsperson or the individual just trying to make money online with a minimal investment.

The same principles may also be used to create both free-standing and hanging planters, or even to create self-contained ecosystems for the more ambitious craftsperson. It may be wise to include small holes in the bottom of these plastic bottle planters though, and perhaps to place them on plates or other surfaces to collect the excess water. These are not only DIY crafts to decorate the home, but can be a profitable business venture.

Plastic Bottle Buildings

Recent events have seen large numbers of people starting their own organic gardens and looking for ways to better provide for their families. For the majority of people living within cities, the costs normally associated with building a greenhouse may be out of reach. That is unless, of course, you are re-purposing plastics to get the necessary materials needed to build a greenhouse at a much lower cost.

Granted, this type of project for re-purposing plastics will require additional materials, but it will still greatly reduce the costs normally associated with building a greenhouse. Additionally, different color bottle may be used to allow for the optimal sunlight to filter through, while at the same time diminishing the afternoon rays that may “burn” the young plants tucked inside the greenhouse for safe keeping.

For those that are gifted in terms of creative designs, creating plans for the greenhouses and other buildings can also be a lucrative means for earning money online with little more invested than time. Re-purposing plastics in this same fashion can also be used for the construction of dog-houses and other outdoor buildings and designs.

The plans for these designs can then be sold, in addition to being able to sell many of the finished products, even in kit form. There are usually going to be local flea markets and swap meets where these items and plans can be sold, or using the Adpost Swap Marketplace and sites like Craigslist may also be a free and viable option.

Perhaps the best part about re-purposing plastics in such a fashion is the ability to generate a potentially meaningful income while at the same time doing your part to save the planet. The fact that this can be made into a family-friendly activity is just icing on the cake



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