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How to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous



كيفية التمييز بين الفطر الصالح للأكل من السام

How to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous

What are the types of mushrooms, and how do they differentiate between poisonous and non-toxic mushrooms


Instructions for knowing poisonous mushrooms from good mushrooms


There are several types of mushrooms that can be eaten, which are beneficial both nutritionally and medically, because they are high in proteins, as well as a range of antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin D ، And minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, poor calorie, mushroom spread, is frequently used in pizza recipes, vegetable soups, sauces added to meat, and the most important types of edible:

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How to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous

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Shiitake mushroom


Reishi mushroom capsules




Reishi mushroom cereal


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The difference between poisonous mushrooms and edible mushrooms


 Mushroom types differ significantly in terms of their suitability to eat, some of them deadly poisonous and some cause vomiting or fainting, and some useful edible, which is of interest to us in agricultural terms.

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There are about 10 types of edible mushrooms spread on the global commercial level, the most important of which are the following:




Lion mushroom


Benefits of kinship kernel mushrooms

Reishi mushroom


Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals


Mushroom types




1-The Death Hat

2-White mushrooms (angel)

3-mushroom villaris

4-Honey mushrooms

5-Toxic autumn mushroom


Having a prayer cup or a bag around the base

6-Fluvarylla mushrooms

7-oister mushroom


8-Blisters or scales on the hat

9-A ring around the leg





Here's the detail

 1-Puton Agaricus SP


Poton mushrooms


Also called the French hero, it features a white color, a spherical top, and a short bottom, which is the most productive mushroom in the world, where many of its farms are located ، And it needs special conditions for its growth, such as regulating temperature, maintaining a certain humidity level, which requires advanced technological methods that cost money.


It is an agarix or French Champagne and is spread in all countries of the world and its production represents more than 35% of the world's production of mushrooms and the cultivation of this species need special conditions and careful regulation of heat and humidity, Farms of production also need great financial potential and high levels of technology.

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2-The Oyster ((Pleurotus Sp


It is a crystal that grows in conditions of sub-tropical, tropical and African regions, and varieties of it are grown in European countries and at low temperatures.




Dxn badminton


Feather Mushroom Powder dxn


Benefits of badger mushrooms



3-wolfarella or Chinese mushroom (Volvarilla sp)


 It is spread in China, the rest of Southeast Asia, and is characterized by its curved thin suppression, as it is not stuffed as in a botton, and the leg-like part is long and thin.


It is a popular species in most Southeast Asian countries






It is a white mushroom but its shape is irregular like a botton. This species lives in tropical and tropical regions, and is widespread in Africa, but is also cultivated in Europe.



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 5-Tricoloma Matsutake Mushroom


This mushroom lives in the form of colonies, its lower portion is short and thick, and the top is large and flat.


Healthy nutrition schedule




Healthy nutrition


Types of wild mushrooms

1-Tricoloma Matsutake Tricholma Matsutake Mushroom




Bria grows in China and in pine forests in the form of colonies and has been gathering for thousands of years where it is eaten either fresh or dried.


2-Honey Mushroom Armillaria millea


small mushroom tends to brown, the bottom is long and thin, its surface is small and not stuffed, and the brown color is concentrated in the middle ، It has a distinct flavor from other mushrooms and is often used in the preparation of pasta sauces, it lives in dense forests, and has a distinctive smell similar to honey.


It is collected from the wide-leaf forests and is delicious and used in making a special sauce added to Chinese macaroni, and most types of honey mushrooms are soft and saturated with nectar and smart smell.



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3-mushroom jet pufball


lives in meadows and forests, grows in late summer and early autumn, is large in size compared to other species of mushrooms, has a diameter of between ten and seventy centimeters, sometimes up to one hundred and twenty centimeters. ، It weighs twenty kilograms, its ripeness can be distinguished by its white color before ripening, the greenish structure after ripening, it can be used in cooking and medicine.


This species is easy to produce, can be bred on sawdust, and therefore forms a source of protein in poor countries, so called because it resembles the body of shellfish. But it is very similar to ghost mushrooms, a poisonous mushroom that lives in Japan and parts of Australia.




Of the types that are used for medical purposes, and after drying.




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4-Calgan mushroom (Kalgan


 It is a famous mushroom in China, also grows in the pastureland and brings a good fortune to the local population because its taste is delicious and rare and dried increases the price of more than 10 times the price of the rest of the species.




5-Hericium Irenacios mushroom (monkey head)


This mushroom, in addition to its usefulness as a tasty food, is used as an effective medicine against cancer, and therefore has been expanded and is currently made in the form of tablets used in treatment.




6-Nabiullaris mushrooms


It has been possible to separate the compound (nebolin) from this mushroom, which is a neocloside (nitrogenic glycosides) . This compound is successfully used as an antibiotic in the treatment and resistance of microbacterba and is useful in treating some cases of cancer tumors in an optional way when used in low concentrations.


7-Shiitake mushrooms


Its cultivation is widespread in Japan and is considered the most common eating mushroom after the botton (agarcis) and has many health and medical benefits.In addition to its benefits and nutritional value.


8-Wild badi mushroom ((Paddy Straw Mushroom


It is a type of fulvarella that has been used by monks since ancient times and then spread to all nations until it became the third species in the world in terms of production and after the species was introduced to the emperors, tsars and rulers Just.




9-Pine mushrooms (polites)


It is a very grainy and expensive species and is called the giant type (large size) and called (Cep in addition to the above species there are other types of mushrooms like termite mushrooms and mushrooms Rosola, an edible species, was one of the most delicious meals and the best foods that are offered only on the tables of the rich and noble.


10-Mushroom ((Wyster mushroom


Mushrooms are varieties that are easy to breed and grow in a simplified and large-scale manner using multiple compositional environments. This breed, due to the ease of production, can spread quickly and contribute to solving the food gap, especially in protein to developing countries, and can produce and develop this breed laboratory on sawdust, wood blocks and branches resulting from operations Agricultural after chopping as the process of adding rice rose peels can improve its productivity whether meselium (fungal yarns) or the fruiting parts used in nutrition . There are many studies on the use of chopped dry grass such as municipal inches after drying and grinding, wheat hay, corn gourds and cane straw, and wheat grain and stoning can be used in the production of aspen (collars).


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11-White beard fungus ((Hericuimerinceus


Commonly used as a delicacy or as a successful treatment for many diseases.







Some general qualities that make it easier for you to diagnose poisonous mushrooms from edible mushrooms


Instructions for knowing poisonous mushrooms from good mushrooms


Diagnosis of mushroom poisoning

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning


What does the severity of these symptoms depend on

 Mushrooms with white gills are often poisonous. As well as species that have a ring around the leg, and species that possess a forehead at the base of the leg. Because the forehead is often underground it is important to dig around the base of the mushrooms to look for.

 Mushrooms that show red on their hat or leg are highly poisonous or hallucinogenic. The most famous red mushroom is the flying amanite mushroom Amanita Muscaria which has been consumed for thousands of years to produce fantasies and visions. But even a large dose of this magical mushroom can be deadly. Other species of the genus amanite have the same color and are much more harmful.

 Guidance for the Marking of Toxic Mushroom:

The error in distinguishing the type of mushrooms has serious consequences, so it is important to ask yourself a series of questions even before you touch the mushrooms you have come across. Where's he growing؟ If it grows under a tree, what kind of tree is it؟ If it grows in wood, what kind of wood is it


For example, mushrooms known as chicks mushroom, hens mushroom or jungle chickens are usually safe - and even therapeutic - but can cause you disease if they are growing on pine trees، Eucalyptus, or cedar trees. You should notice whether mushrooms grow alone or in a cluster, in the sun or in the shade, and how old they are for years.


If you feel confident enough to hold the mushrooms - and better put on gloves - you can check the nostrils, examine the leg for the loop, and look for the forehead. Press the hat, or make a small incision with a knife. Does the hat change color؟ What color is changing؟ You may need to cut a small piece and tattoo it. Poisonous mushrooms usually have an unpleasant pungent smell, while safe ones have a refreshing mushrooms.


You can also get the information by cutting the leg and putting the hat on a piece of paper and the nostrils side down for several hours to get the spores printed. The white spores print is a sign of qi that mushrooms are mushrooms.


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