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You could use two Power Splay for one computer



You could use two Power Splay for one computer

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Power supply unit


With the advent of high-speed CPUs (CPU), and fee-processing units (GPU) of immense precision، Computers are in desperate need of a power supply (Power Splay) with huge power that could go beyond 1,000 watts, particularly in the case of a gaming PC assembly. On the other hand, we find that power supply units cost exorbitant prices the more they're capable of, so some have taken to thinking of adding a "secondary" Power Splay" With a moderate power (and therefore a lower price than the mega-power) to the PC's core Power Splay instead of buying a massive power powerhouse as a base unit, the question here is would this trick work?

What is the use of Power Splay in a computer؟

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You could use two Power Splay for one computer

Why would you resort to using the Power Splay units together ?

Initially let's make an important point, which is that there are already computers that are eligible to use two power supply units، Such as servers or servers running a dual power supply (Redundant power supply soply) so that if the base power splash for any reason the server is not out of power then the secondary power splay is important for supplying the server components Power and continue to work smoothly. However, what we're referring to in this article is using two power supply units at the same time, that is, working jointly to power normal computer components.

Can you use 2 power supplies on one PC?


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There are a few reasons why you should use two power supply units together at once:


 The computer may have high-performance components and therefore the use of a single Power Splay may not meet its energy consumption needs. There is already an opportunity to face this situation, such as in case you are trying to create a cryptocurrency mining platform، With a large screen chip, you won't be able to use just one power splay with a power capacity of more than 1,200 watts, but you'll need to allocate power splay to power graphical cards، Power Splay uses another to handle the rest of the computer.

Another reason has to do with the cost, instead of replacing your device's Power Splay unit, and buying others with a higher capacity enough to power the entire computer، You can buy another Power Splay unit with less power that can work with the one that already exists, because the price of high power power Power Splay is too high, and buying the last lowest power is more money-saving.

Installing two power supply units for one computer might be an appealing solution, and so you might ask: Why aren't so many turning to it ؟ The answer is simply because computers are usually not designed to operate with two power supply units، So given the most important part of a computer, the motherboard, it's basically designed to power just one power supply (Power Splay). True, this problem can be overcome by resorting to one of the solutions that we will discuss later, but also do not forget that "space" is also a problem, if you overcome the first problem، Where will the second power supply be located ؟ Most computer bags are designed to accommodate only one Power Splay unit.


You may find someone telling you that the solution in this case is to buy a massive cyst, designed for data centers and professional "geming" devices, because its area already allows two power supply units، But this solution is contrary to the budget requirement that we addressed in the previous paragraph, the resort to purchase another Power Splay unit was basically to escape the purchase of a more capable and expensive replacement unit، Who could buy a massive computer cyst, the first was to buy a high-power power splay.

Even if we turn a blind eye to the previous problems, there will be another problem: that the energy between the power units of the Splay is not isolated، It can be a major problem with electrical circuits in a computer when performing heavy tasks that consume the maximum amount of power provided by the Power Splay. So the solution isn't easy, practical and insecure, but it's a temporary ploy until he can buy another high-energy, high-priced Power Splay unit.

What are the types of Power Splay؟

What are the types of power supply؟

Installation and operation of two power splay on the same machine

We mentioned above that the motherboard was designed to power one power supply at a time, because it tells Power Splay to start or stop by cable (ATX)، It's a 24-year-old connector that's directly connected to the matherboard. So if you come up with another power supply and try to plug it into the screen core, the Power Splay won't work, even as it's connected to electricity, since that's not the way it's designed to work، The ATX cable must first be connected to regulate the power distribution.

In any case, there are more than one way you can run the second Power Splay and use it at the same time on the computer.

Can you connect 2 power supplies together?


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 First method


It boils down to using the PSU Tester to help you play the Power Splay as if it were connected to the motherboard, and keep it on، But keep in mind that these devices are also not designed to run the Power Splay for long periods, but stop after a set period of time, that is, not a permanent solution.


 How do I run two power supplies?


Second method


 Lying in the use of a dual ATX cable which is designed to allow the motherboard to control the power and shut down two power supply units, by connecting each and every single strand in the cable، And connect his other end in the matherboard. This solution is cheap and simple, but reviews of those cables suggest that they can melt or cause your computer to ignite as the load increases.

Can I use a second power supply for graphics card?

As for the third way


 It's by buying a Power Supply Adapter Sync Starter that draws power from one of the SATA or Molex connectors and using it as a signal to start the second Power Splay. That is, that synchronizer works by connecting to the SATA port on the main power supply source, and when it senses there is power, it delivers electricity in the second power supply. This method is considered the safest among the methods listed according to user experiences.





 There is no doubt that it is wonderful to be able to use more than Power Splay in one computer, but it is better not to resort to that trick unless you need it most, such as working in the mining of currencies، Or to be a "professional limer", it also takes great professionalism during delivery to avoid risks.





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