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Bepanthen cream for the sensitive area of ​​​​adults


Benefits of Bepanthen cream for the
 sensitive area

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bepanthen cream


Bepanthen experiments to 
lighten sensitive areas
Bepanthen produced
 several types of Bepanthen
 cream to
 treat skin problems such
 as infections, burns, wound
s, and


In this article, learn about 
the benefits of Bepanthen 
for the sensitive area, along
 with knowing how to use it.
bepanthen cream 
Bepanthen pink cream for
 sensitive area
Bepanthen pink cream is a
 moisturizer for children's 
irritations caused by the
 diaper, but you can use it 
sensitive area infections as
 well, after shaving or
 peeling in 
the area, the product will 
soothe irritation and
 protect the
 area from tanning.
You can also use it to get 
rid of cracks in the elbow 
knee or areas that are very 
dry, as it protects the skin 
, moisturizes and softens 
your skin.
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Bipanthen cream 
ingredients for the sensitive


biotin bepanthen bayer

Bepanthen cream contains 
the following ingredients:
Almond oil.
Cetyl alcohol.
Stearyl alcohol.
Glyceryl oleate.
lanolin alcohol.
Bepanthen cream for the 
sensitive area
Benefits of Bepanthen 
cream for the sensitive 
bepanthen sensi derm
Bepanthen pink cream has
 several benefits:
Helps keep your baby's skin
 soothed and protected from 
the causes of diaper rash.
It can be used at every 
nappy change to soothe 
even the 
most sensitive skin, as it is
 free of fragrances, preserva
 colorants and disinfectants.
sensiderm bepanthen 
Bepanthen contains Pro-
Vitamin B5 that gently 
helps the
 natural recovery of 
sensitive skin, while
 keeping it soft and
The water-in-oil formula 
of Bepanthen works to 
 the natural moisture of 
the skin.
Soothes sensitive area
 infections, especially after 
exfoliating and shaving.
It is used to lighten and 
whiten the sensitive area 
due to 
the darkening of


bepanthen nasal

Moisturizes the elbow and 
protects the skin from 
How to use Bepanthen 
cream for the sensitive

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Follow these steps to use
 Bepanthen cream for the intimate
Cleanse the area with a gent
le cleanser.
Dry it gently.
Apply a thin layer of 
Bepanthen Cream to the 
affected area.
Massage the cream until it
 is absorbed by the skin.
Use it once a day or as 
directed by a physician.
Precautions for using 
Bepanthen cream for the 
There are some precautions
 you should know 
when using Bepanthen 
cream for the intimate area:
Hands should be washed 
well after use and eye
should be avoided. If this 
happens, they should be 
with water well.

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Side effects of Bepanthen 
cream for the sensitive area
There are no side effects of
 Bepanthen cream for the 
sensitive area, as it is
 intended for dealing with 
 skin, so it can be used 
without worry for the sensitive area.
Intimate care tips
Bepanthen cream for the 
sensitive area
Follow the following tips to
 take care of the intimate 
Use a gentle cleanser for 
the sensitive area to get
 rid of 
unpleasant odors, but make
 sure to consult a doctor 
 not overuse it, so as not to 
kill the beneficial bacteria 
 the area.
Make sure to exfoliate the 
intimate area with a gentle
 exfoliator once a week.
Take care of moisturizing 
the sensitive area with a 
 lotion that contains 
nourishing ingredients 
such as Shea 
When choosing intimate 
care products, avoid known 
irritants such as synthetic 
fragrances and parabens.
Avoid products that contain
 essential oils, such as tea
oil, as they can burn 
sensitive skin.
Do not use soap to clean 
the intimate area, as it is 
too harsh 
for the area.


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Wear loose, comfortable 
clothing made of cotton.
Bepanthen orange cream 
for the sensitive area
Types of Bepanthen Skin
There are other types of 
Bepanthen cream, get to 
them as follows:
Bepanthen Orange Cream:
Bepanthen Plus Orange
 Wound Cream is a colorless 
antiseptic cooling cream 
used to prevent infection 
superficial wounds and
 promote their healing.
It contains chlorhexidine, 
an antiseptic that is 
against bacteria on the skin
 or in infected wounds and 
therefore able to prevent 
wound infection.
Apply Bepanthen Orange 
Cream to clean wounds or 
inflamed skin areas one or 
more times daily until 
healing is achieved. 
Bepanthen Cream is applied
 to treat 
wounds as a thin layer, 
and wounds to be treated 
can be 
left exposed or a bandage 
can be placed on them.


Bepanthen Orange Cream 
also contains the active
 ingredient dexpanthenol, 
which is rapidly converted 
 the skin to pantothenic 
acid, a vitamin that accelera
tes the
 formation of new tissue
 and promotes scar healing.

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Bepanthen cream for dark
Bepanthen cream for oily 
This cream is ideal for the
 care of normal or oily skin 
subject to daily stress and 
for the treatment of redness
 to sunburn or irritated 
skin. Bepanthen lotion and
 moisturizer is 
characterized by its fast 
 leaving no shiny 
appearance on the face
 after use.
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Bepanthen Blue Cream:
Bepanthen Blue Moisturizin
g Cream is for the care of 
skin prone to dryness and
 environmental aggressors.
 Bepanthen Blue Cream 
contains the active
dexpanthenol, so it forms 
a thin lipid film on the 
of the skin and protects it
 from external influences 
moisture loss.
bepanthen nasal 
The active substance 
dexpanthenol is converted
 in the skin
 into vitamin pantothenic 
acid, which supports the 
of the skin, and the cream 
contains a soothing and 
effect thanks to its high 
moisture content, so it is
 used to
 treat stressed and irritated
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